Satin Lined Bonnets, Kids and Adult Sleep Cap, Ankara Hair Cover, Stylish Natural Hair Protector, Gift for Her, African Wax Print Fabric Hat


These stylish African print satin bonnets are great for protecting your hair (or that of a loved one) during your snoozes. Treat your hair to a spa, while getting your rest and relaxation! Wake up to fluffy hair that has enjoyed the benefits of your satin bonnet.

For Natural hair friends, these caps can also be used during the deep conditioning of your natural hair, to generate that natural heat needed; while hiding your conditioning plastic cap, and giving you a stylish and unique look. No need to hide in your room while conditioning your hair, just done on one of these beauties and go about your business.

These beauties can be made as single bonnets (protection), double-layered bonnets (protection and treatment from warmth), or reversible bonnets (protection, treatment, stylish)

They can also be made in baby/toddler (9-13), kids or adult small (13-17), adult medium (17-21), adult large (21-24), and adult x-large (24-26) sizes.

Please note that patterns on bonnets may be different from pictured hats, due to fabric cutouts.

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