Ola Oluwa- God’s Wealth- African Print wordart, Quote, Simple Wall Art, Unique Quote, downloadable art, prayer, Yoruba Word


Ola Oluwa means God’s wealth, in Yoruba- an African and Nigerian dialect! A prayer of God’s wealth over you, is a prayer of abundant blessing! I pray for God’s wealth every moment and pray that it follows you where every you go and in all endeavors! Buy this canvas art and will Ola Oluwa into your presence, at all times! Ola Oluwa is also a person’s name; given that babies are named based on the circumstances (or mythical experiences) surrounding their births. Ola Oluwa maybe part of a child’s name if the child is believed to bear God’s fortune.

This canvas is an 8 x 8 canvas, that can be purchased either as a wall hanging or a table top frame.

Buy it, love it and will it!

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