Slip-on Scarf; Satin Headwrap; Pretied Headtie; Night Cap; Scrub Cap; Premade Headcovering; Hair Accessories; Chemo Scarf; Alopecia Cap


Shipping to United States: $5.00

These slip-on satin scarves can be worn in so many different styles and serve as night caps, day scarves, turbans or scrubcaps. Wear them with the satin tucked under the stretchy band or left out and/or tied.

The soft stretchy fabric keeps your head (and ears) wrapped while keeping the satin snug on your head so that it can protect (and pamper) your hair- without the worry of it slipping off. The bright colors give the headwrap more pizzazz than it already has; so that you can tease people and keep them guessing about your headwrap!

On a day where you just want to go, and not fuss with your hair, but still want to look chick, grab one of these beautiful slip on scarves/headwraps/turbans and rock them; either by styling them with the tie in the back, front or even side!

Wear and Makeitagr8day!

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