Pre-tied Turban Head-wrap With Bun; Knotted; Open Crown Stretchy Wide Headband; Seamless Slip-on Scarf; Gift; Chemo Wrap, Alopecia Cap


Shipping to United States: $5.90

Seamless Pre-tied knotted/bun Turban Headscarf or headwrap.

Made with stretchy fabric! So one size should fit most.

On a day where you just want to go, and not fuss with your hair, but still want to look chick, grab one of these beautiful pre-tied headbands/turbans and rock them either with the bun in the front or back!

Universal- wear as a turban (with knot in front on crown) or head-wrap (with knot behind on nape).

Style with the knot centered to the side or to the back! Looks good all ways!

Wear and Makeitagr8day!

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