Infinity Headband or Neck Scarf; Pre-tied Headwrap; Open or Close Crown Turban; Wraparound Headtie; Gift for her; Hair and Neck Accessories


Shipping to United States: $5.90

Wrap around Pre-tied headwrap, turban or infinity scarf!

Multifunctional piece of wrap. Made with soft stretchy fabric!

On a day where you just want to go, and not fuss with your hair, but still want to look chick, grab one of these beautiful wrap-around pre-tied headwraps! Wrap it around your mane or head; covering up your hair/head or showing off some of your mane. Either way, this wrap works to suite you and even converts/doubles into an infinity neck scarf with a make-shift pocket for your tiny items. Rock this wrap in many ways and tailor your look to your mood!

All season and Universal- wear as a turban, head/hair wrap or neck scarf.

One-size fits most adults.

Wear and Makeitagr8day!

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